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Трейлер к фильму "Профессор Терехов: программирование как образ жизни"

10 guidelines for building a strong EdTech product

One of LANIT-TERCOM’s key focuses is developing e-learning systems. In fact, we’ve been pumping them out for more than fifteen years, our experience ranging from traditional learning management...

Kaspersky Lab and LANIT-TERCOM launch free course: Stay Safe, Stay Secure

On April 14, 2020, Kaspersky Lab and Lanit-Tercom (part of the LANIT group of companies) launched a free course called Stay...

Lanit-Tercom introduces Azerbaijan to Area9 Rhapsode

At the end of November, a Lanit-Tercom delegation visited the leading universities and IT companies in Azerbaijan. The trip was preceded by a meeting with Professor Adalat Muratov, rector at...

Lanit-Tercom at SECR 2019

Long-awaited Software Engineering Conference Russia, or SECR 2019, was finally held in St. Petersburg on November 14-15.

Lanit-Tercom and friends made sure they were well represented this...

Lanit-Tercom at RUSSOFT Leadership Forum 2019

The fifth iteration of RUSSOFT Leadership Forum 2019 was held in St. Petersburg on November 13-15 as part of one of the city’s most important business events of the year: the St. Petersburg...